Solana Wallets: A Guide for Beginners

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Dan from Team
Dan from Team

What are Wallets?


Wallets in Crypto are applications or physical devices that allow you to store your crypto currencies. It is strongly encouraged that owners of crypto store their assets on wallets instead of exchanges, as it adds a layer of security known as Proof-of-Key. Due to the poor security of exchanges, the term “if you don’t hold your own private keys, you don’t own your crypto” has become a popular phrase and is commonly used as a warning against keeping crypto on exchanges. 


Apart from just storing your crypto, wallets allow users to connect to other applications on the blockchain. Both marketplaces for NFTs and DeFi applications require you to connect your wallet pertaining to the blockchain to the application. An example of a wallet is Metamask for the Ethereum blockchain.


Solana Wallets


Solana wallets are wallets that are compatible with the Solana blockchain, thus being able to store Solana and other crypto built on the blockchain. To stake Solana with Steaking.IO, you must have one of these Solana wallets.



Phantom ☆


The Phantom wallet is a browser extension that enables access to Solana applications. On the application you are able to create multiple wallets as well as store your collectibles. You are also able to swap certain crypto on the Solana blockchain.


Ledger ☆


Ledger is a hardware wallet that stores your crypto in a physical key designed like a flashdrive. It is able to hold many different forms of crypto not limited to just Solana. It is one of the safest ways to store your crypto.


Sollet ☆


Created by project Serum, the Sollet browser extension is a simple wallet that allows access to Solana applications.


Math Wallet 


Math wallet can be accessed through a mobile app, browser extension, web wallet and can be used in conjunction with ledger and WOOKONG bio. The application enables access to Solana applications and is also compatible with several other blockchains.




Solong is also a browser extension wallet that allows access to Solana applications. This application allows users to log in through their google account.



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